Small Rainbow Arrow Beaded Earrings


Small Rainbow Arrow Beaded Earrings


Handmade beaded earrings.

The top "arrow" comes in three colors choices: blue, yellow, or red.  

Pure brass handmade earring wire.

Earring length: 2 inches

Please see other listings for longer style, and a parent/child package offer.

Flat rate shipping - $5.25 per order. International shipping available.

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Made with prayer.  May we walk in clear intentions and our truth. May we be humble enough to receive the wisdom of Pachamama on our path. May we never question our visions and may we be guided like these rainbow arrows to achieve the full color spectrum of our dreams. 

This design came to me when reflecting during the new moon.  I asked for something to shine and guide me.  I have been overwhelmed by the response of these earrings that I created.  Thank you to everyone who purchases and supports my work. 

Many thanks to my beading teacher, Whope TwoFeathers, who taught me how to bead with clean hands and heart, full of positive energy.