Dipping in Chico Creek in Bidwell Park, California, USA

In Chico, California, there are many places for swimming, including the popular "1 Mile" or Sycamore Pool in Lower Bidwell Park, Bear Hole in Upper Bidwell Park , as well as the final destination of these spots on Chico Creek: in the Sacramento River.  

However, "5 Mile," my favorite swimming spot, is easier to get to and frequented less often than the aforementioned pools.  It's a short bike ride away from downtown, and it also has an easy-access parking lot for out-of-towners.  It's right off the beaten path.  So much so, that I often find openings to swim naked in the creek, especially early in the morning and in the late afternoon (there is a golf course that can see the spot, so be sure to check if anyone is teeing off before jumping in).  Which, is precisely why it's my favorite spot for a quick dip to reset my nervous system and connect with the energy of water.  

Watch the video below to experience for yourself  :) 

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