You know the feeling:  you just participated in an amazing workshop, lead by a phenomenal facilitator.  You feel alive, connected, and transformed.  The medicine the facilitator carries inside their soul activated a part of your soul, and now you are buzzing and spiraling your energy in a new way.  It feels so good--like drugs, but not.

Sharing the #workshophigh medicine is simple.

  1.  Make a video of yourself when you feel the energy buzzing inside you.  In your video, you can share about your experience: What did you receive from going to the workshop?  What did you appreciate about it?  How can the workshop be better?
  2. Then, upload your video to social media.
  3. Hashtag your post with #workshophigh. Drop me a line and I may feature your video on the blog!

Porpoise Endorphin created #workshophigh to offer you independent, people-powered workshop reviews.  We support workshop facilitators by sharing the experience of being facilitated.  We aim to create media that reflects individual experiences of being facilitated in order to be witnessed beyond the circle of the workshop and connect with more people interested in human development. 

We believe that every single person carries their individual cocktail of medicine inside.  Now is the time to speak it and share it so we can heal the planet and all our relations. 

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