Porpoise Endorphin is a blog for wholehearted living. 

The intention of this blog is to provide a space for inspiring media that reflects the emerging planetary culture of freedom and peace.  

Definition of wholehearted living

Wholehearted living means to act and create from a place of alignment with oneself, each other, and the planet.  It means to know that your body is the safest place on earth, and to always live from this place of deep peace. 


lily rothrock

About the author, Lily Rothrock

Lily founded Porpoise Endorphin in 2015 to blog about wholehearted living.  A California native, Lily is inspired by the tribes of her homeland as well as her indigenous elders and the plant and animal nations. 

She co-created the annual Weaving Women’s Wisdom: A Gathering of Many Generations with her sisters in Butte County, California.  In 2012, she co-created Chakra Illumination Gathering at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. She has lived in California, Peru, Guatemala, and Hawai'i.

She received the Birth Into Being Method and Conscious Birth Movement teachings from Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova during her early 20s.  She trusts the natural unfolding of birth, death, and re-birth, and aims to hold a coherent space of love in her workshops to facilitate deep personal healing.

Lily enjoys creating inspiring media for spreading good messages online.  Her web design clients include Taminchi Visions, and Giving Birth (coming soon).  

She also enjoys weaving her intentions into handmade items.  You can see her latest beadwork on her Instagram account.